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Serialising Arry’s book in a different way

In an idea shamelessly borrowed/stolen from Molly Lambert of Grantland who, in her weekly tabloid update column, adds a ‘Misc/Etc’ section which leaves words or phrases that have appeared in each publication, but omits any context. It produces, in my eyes, hilarious results. An example can be seen here :

I thought it could be fun to do the same with excerpts from Harry Redknapp’s autobiography, serialised a few months ago in the Daily Mail, which was a SENSATIONAL EXCLUSIVE apart from the fact that anyone who is aware of Redknapp could have guessed exactly what it was going to be like. Anyway, his way of speaking/writing/living has often made me laugh, so, without context (and with some sly omissions), here is a ‘Misc/Etc’ section of Redknapp’s book :

“ran out of fingers” “fighting with the pillow.” “He even had dessert.” “a chap wearing a bright white jacket” “Hello, Lee, I’m Willie, Harry’s mate” “frog-marching me through the underground car park” “I’m not knocking Roy” “persuaded Milan to buy Peter Crouch” “making its way south along my trouser leg” “Without wishing to stereotype” “This isn’t about them giving the England job to me or Roy Hodgson, but” “Slim girl, nice-looking” “great golfer, great character” “Gareth, leave your barnet alone!” “more room to conceal these readies” “wanted my Crouch bonus” “Frank Lampard Snr’s mum.” “Pele, who is Brazilian.” “I didn’t cry” “I felt like crying” “I was spoiling the party” “I’m not one for grudges”